New – ‘Friends of the WELLIES Project’ facebook page

New – ‘Friends of the WELLIES Project’ facebook page

Have you liked our new WELLIES venture?

‘Friends of the WELLIES Project’ has been set up as a social enterprise arm to The WELLIES Project to create opportunities for learners to make and sell some of the fantastic things the project produces. This raises funds to plough back into the project and gives a confidence boost to all involved.

Our participants are learning woodwork, floristry, gardening, design and other practical skills. They are raising standards all the time as goods have to be of a saleable value. They are also developing skills for enterprise and employability with this project. We have already been able to employ a previous WELLIES participant on a 1 day a week basis to oversee the marketing, sales and organisation of the products. We are very excited about the opportunities this gives our learners and volunteers alike.

We also hope to be able to offer you some unique, handmade, lovingly crafted local products as you continue to support the great work that the WELLIES Project does.

Campaigns already completed

The 100 dibber challenge – we set our woodwork students the challenge of creating 100 dibbers (small garden tool for making holes in the soil for bulbs or seed planting). We then offered them for sale at £5, £7.50 or £10 on our ‘Friends of the WELLIES Project’ facebook page. The sales were great and as the 100 dibber challenge was easily beaten we still have some available if you would like to buy one now.

Herb sale – working in conjunction with Kingfisher Herbs we organised a herb sale from our home at The Old Village Stores in Sudbury, Derbyshire. The first batch of 9 different mints proved so popular they sold out almost overnight. So we then offered a variety of different herbs such as Oregano, Chives, Thyme, Sage Purple, Marjoram Golden, Thyme Doone Valley, Rosemary Primley Blue, Sage Tricolour and Sage Golden. Again these sold out and all profits were put back into the WELLIES Project.

Floral Easter envelopes and hatboxes – Julie and some of her Floristry students took orders for the most amazing Easter flowers. As Julie is a national, award winning florist her direction and instruction meant that every creation was stunning and the students learnt so much. They were all very proud and happy with their arrangements, as we’re sure all their customers were as well.

What’s coming next?

Our next events will be wooden pens for Father’s Day and bouquets for British Cut Flower Week, 14 – 20 June. Please do like and share the facebook page to keep upto date with all that is happening at the WELLIES Project

If you would like to order a something from our campaigns then send us a message on the facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Once again thank you to everyone who has already ordered. We really appreciate your support.

All profits go to the WELLIES Project to support people recovering from mental ill health.

Medium dibbers – still available to buy
Selection of herbs that were for sale
Amazing Easter flowers

Free WELLIES/Enable Traineeships available

Free WELLIES/Enable Traineeships available

  • Are you, or someone you know, unemployed and aged 16-24?
  • Are you looking to learn a new skill?
  • Are you resident in Staffordshire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire?

Our new traineeships could be for you!!

We are looking to offer a 70-hour work placement over 6 weeks in Sudbury, Derbyshire, DE6 5HS

We will be operating this traineeship under the WELLIES Project umbrella, utilising WELLIES tutors, contacts and facilities.  There will be therapeutic activities with plants, animals, creativity and the countryside.

Tasks would include things like the creation of a courtyard garden, cooking, harvesting, woodwork, some roles with the Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust and maybe gardening at Sudbury Hall.

Maths and English upskilling will be undertaken by our recruitment partner, Enable

If you would like more information, to register or signpost someone in our direction then please contact as soon as possible.

We need candidates to be registered with Enable by the end of March, with the placement running between April – July 2021. This is free of charge to all trainees.



Tutors and WELLIES staff have been working hard behind the scenes for learning to carry on in a positive way. We have set up separate Facebook groups for each course. This will enable us to carry on with WELLIES in a new and innovative way. Each day in the separate groups, the tutors will set tasks for you. Please request to join the appropriate group depending on the day you attend, for example, if you attend the Tuesday and Thursday course you can join the two separate groups.
If you attend the course on TUESDAY, please click the link below and request to join the group
If you attend the course on WEDNESDAY at the Chapel, please click the link below and request to join the group
If you attend the Sewing course on WEDNESDAY, please click the link below and request to join the group
If you attend the Woodwork course on THURSDAY, please click the link below and request to join the group
We as Tutors and Staff really hope you participate in the activities and look forward to seeing what you have made/created and accomplished each day in the Facebook groups.The WELLIES Project page will carry on as normal. It’s going to be a team effort but if we work together nothing will stop us from learning, communicating and ultimately enjoying ourselves. This is a fantastic diversion from all the negative things that are going on at this moment in time. Do not forget to ‘WAKE UP FOR WELLIES’ as each week will be a new set of tasks that will be posted first thing in the morning.Any questions or queries please contact any member of staff.Thank you from the WELLIES team.Welcome to WELLIES online!

Recent feedback

Recent feedback

A sample of the participant feedback following a 12 week Woodwork and a 6 week Floristry course, Autumn 2019:

“Excellent course, learnt an array of new skills, met some fantastic people, improved my mental health and wellbeing tenfold. Loved every second I was here, best therapy I’ve done, and I’ve done a lot J

“I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others to do, definitely would like to do it again sometime.”

“I have produced some items that I never thought I could.” “Going to WELLIES helps me manage my anxiety and mood by giving me something to focus on and keep me occupied.”

“It has given me confidence to try different projects, improved my head.”

“I have enjoyed attending the project a great deal. I have learned a lot about people and feel that this is a project that works. I find the activities cathartic and would say my own wellbeing has improved as a result of attending.”

“Doing this course has been amazing! The opportunities and knowledge we are given blows my mind. It has stopped me being isolated at home. It’s been a life saver and I am truly grateful.”

What does WELLIES mean to me?

What does WELLIES mean to me?

As we come to the end of another term at WELLIES we asked this question to our participants and the answers we got were amazing. As Julie White says “It makes it all worthwhile”. Below are just a few of the ways people described WELLIES:

A place of comfort and safety; confidence booster; personal independence; sharing of ideas and being creative; my second family

One participant said “WELLIES is my safe place. A place I always feel welcome. Friendship – I was completely isolated before starting at WELLIES. I’ve learnt lots of new skills. I now have other things to talk about that are positive, rather than concentrating on depressing feelings. Learning healthy habits like good food, gardening and being out in the countryside. WELLIES is everything – it’s given me my life back.”