New Tractor Project

After the initial plea for help was printed in the Farmers Weekly Magazine, farmer Howard Hughes from the Brecon Beacons in Wales contacted Nick and Julie. He had a 1960 Ford Dexta tractor complete with loader, bucket and muck fork which had been sitting in the barn for the last 4 years untouched.

Our volunteers Kevin Parker, Peter Roe and Darren Platt joined Director Nick Platt and his sidekick Spike the Jack Russel on what turned out to be an epic journey to collect the Dexta.  

Although the tractor had been kept inside, it would not start, so the four had a job on their hands to get it loaded onto the trailer. 4 hours later and in torrential downpours they managed it! It’s now at her new home at WELLIES HQ in Somersal Herbert.

The volunteers wasted no time in getting their hands on the tractor and already started stripping it down and cleaning the parts and rubbing down the rather rusty paintwork.

The team are building a special shelter to enable them to work on the tractor and keep her safe from the elements.

They have their sights set on taking the restored Dexta to the Ashbourne and Manifold Shows in the Summer.

Director Julie White said “We are so excited to have the tractor here and it’s great to see how much fun the guys are having. I would love to have a little fleet of them, so we are still on the look-out for unloved tractors!” For more information and photos take a look at our Facebook.


Old Tractor Needed!

Old Tractor Needed!

WELLIES are looking for an old vintage tractor to refurbish as a project and are reaching out to local people to donate an unwanted machine.

The tractor project is aimed at attracting hard to reach, socially isolated people in rural areas who don’t usually engage in similar projects or services.

tractor   old-red-tractor

We usually do a lot of craft based, cookery workshops and think that an engineering/mechanical project will attract and engage new people – perhaps older men who have the skills and experience.

Julie says

“I would love to have this new project underway for the summer and hope there is someone out there who has a tractor lying around that is being unloved. Perhaps they could even be involved in the renovations as well?”

Nick said

“It can be hard to engage older men who are isolated, so we really hope this project will help to bring them to our group. We are a really friendly bunch and myself and Julie can really see the impact it has on people”.

If you can help in any way please get in touch!


Call: Julie on 07971 666 474 or Nick on 07767 844 921